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Steel Recycling: Turning Trash to Cash

There is a continuous growing concern on waste management; issues about environmental degradation are still on top of society’s eyes. Consequently, many companies worldwide have initiated or formed several movements to help in the said environmental issue. One of the trends rising in today’s industry is steel recycling. Steel recycling...

Steel Recycling – Some Facts

Scrap steel diminishes related water pollution, air pollution, and mining wastes by roughly 70%. It takes four times as much energy to create steel from virgin ore. Scrap Metal Sydney offers steel recycling services. Recycled steel cans are utilized to make new steel products including cars, lawnmowers, bridges, stoves, and...

Scrap Metal Recycling – Quality Services

Scrap Metal Sydney recycles every scrap metal that you bring to us. There are a wide range of scrap metals that could be recycled. Each metal has its own features and hands-on usages. Both of these helps in your search for them. Below are a few of them. Aluminum –...

Scrap Copper Prices

The trick to selling scrap copper is to sell it straight to a scrap yard. Every scrap yard will be fascinated in buying your scrap copper. It is your job as a scrap seller to discover the scrap yard with the best price, and that is nearest to your house or place...

Computer Recycling – The Basics

Computer recycling or electronic recycling is the reclaiming or reuse of computers or other electronic equipment. It takes account of both finding an added use for resources (such as donation to charity), and having structures pulled to pieces, in a way that allows for the harmless elimination of the vital materials for reuse in other materials....

Free Pick Up Service

FREE REMOVAL ON LARGE QTYS OF SCRAP METAL. Free Pick Up Service for Copper over 100kg. Cable over 300kg. Weigh and pay on site. Also, we own various ranges of vehicles for the services.

Steel Recycling – Great for the world

Steel recycling saves a lot of money, time and energy that could have otherwise been spent on the mining of iron ore. There are two types of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are those that contain iron and therefore highly attractive to magnets. Non-ferrous metals contain no iron....

Earning Extra Income from Scrap Metal

Scrap metal merchants can also be referred to as scrap metal buyers. These are individuals or companies who are willing to pay you for the scrap metal in your home. Scrap metal refers to anything made of metal that has either broken down or something that you consider too outdated...

Scrap Metal Buyers

Scrap metal buyers buy all types of scrap metal like copper, iron , lead and stainless steel to mention but a few. They can either buy in bulk or smaller quantities. A buyer could either be buying for his company or buying to resell to bigger companies who have the...

How To Start Selling Scrap Metal To Earn Money and Reduce Waste

Scrap is a word used to define recyclable and other materials left over from every single method of product consumption, such as components of vehicles, building materials, and surplus supplies. In contrast to waste, scrap has substantial monetary value. What do you do with your timeworn equipment…? Your wrecked computers…? Your empty beverage...

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