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The trick to selling scrap copper is to sell it straight to a scrap yard. Every scrap yard will be fascinated in buying your scrap copper. It is your job as a scrap seller to discover the scrap yard with the best price, and that is nearest to your house or place of business. If you haven’t found the best scrap yard yet, then come to Scrap Metal Sydney so that we can help you earn a fortune from your scrap copper or any other metals.

Before you tow your payload off to the scrap yard, you have to sort it into its distinct categories first. Unless you sort it appropriately, the scrap yard will downgrade it all to the lowest priced group, insuring that you get paid less than it is worth. Scrap copper that is tainted with steel, aluminium, or other less prized metals will lower its value considerably. If you have copper pipes with welded in joints, for instance, these are called copper #2. But if you take your time cutting all of the welded joints out, leaving just the copper pipes, you can get the higher paying copper #2.

These are five general categories of copper that you will be getting your hands on in selling scrap metal, and all sorts of scrap copper can be broken down into further sub-categories:

  • Scrap Copper Solids
  • Scrap Copper Non-Solids (Turnings, dust, chips, ect)
  • Scrap Copper Wire

Selling Scrap Copper Solids 

Scrap copper solids are any kind of unalloyed, or pure, copper scrap. Scrap copper solids are typically the most sought after scrap metal in our business.

Selling Scrap Copper Non-Solids

This chiefly covers all things like chips, dust, turning, etc. Scrap Copper dust, chips, and turnings, etc. are worth only as much as your scrap yard is agreeable to pay for them, and unluckily, that is typically not that much.

If you end up having more than about 10 pounds of scrap copper non-solids, we would suggest that you try to melt them down into your own copper nugget to earn more money. Propane has been used to melt turnings down in the past.
Selling Scrap Copper Wire

Every yard is different when it comes to sequestered scrap copper wire. You may find that it is worth stripping your wire if you can’t sell it for a good price, or perhaps you will find that you never should strip copper wire.

Scrap Copper wire can be sorted into five different grades:

  • 85% Wire: Thin case with a diameter comparable to a pencil’s. If you have this type of wire, you may strip it yourself and get full copper price!
  • 70% Wire: Romex/machine wire devoid of any attachments. Found inside of any kind of electronics or appliances.
  • 50% Wire: Includes extension cords and appliance cords
  • 35% Wire: Thinly gauged wire with a substantial degree of attachments.
  • 10% Wire: Christmas lights.

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