Steel Recycling – Some Facts

Scrap steel diminishes related water pollution, air pollution, and mining wastes by roughly 70%. It takes four times as much energy to create steel from virgin ore. Scrap Metal Sydney offers steel recycling services.

Recycled steel cans are utilized to make new steel products including cars, lawnmowers, bridges, stoves, and construction materials. More than 5400 BTU’s of energy are preserved for every pound of steel recycled . The steel industry’s yearly recycling saves the equivalent energy to electrically power approximately 18 million households for a year.

We throw away enough iron and steel to unceasingly supply all the nation’s automakers. The steel industry recycled just about 19 billion steel cans into new products, about 600 cans recycled every second.

Every day people all over the world use enough steel and tin cans to make a steel pipe running from one region to another and back. If we could only recycle about one-tenth of the cans we now throw away, we would save about 3.2 billion of them each year. Tin cans are essentially 99% steel, with a reedy layer of tin added to prevent rusting.

Recycling steel and tin cans saves 74% of the energy used to yield them from raw materials. At least 70-80% of the tin on a can is conserved when you recycle it. This cuts down mining waste and conserves a valued ere source.

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How is Steel Recycled?


Are you wondering how your scrap steel is recycled and brought back to a useful nature once more? Here is a breakdown of how steel is recycled:

Magnetic Separation: Because steel is engrossed to magnets, it can be easily detached from other recyclables such as paper in a recycling facility with magnetic belts. Different types of steel do not require to be separated out.

Detinning: Numerous steel cans will have a layer of tin on them, which will be detached since tin is recycled on its own. This is usually done by a specialized steel company like Scrap Metal Sydney who is an expert in scrap metal recycling.

Melting: The steel cans, appliances and scrap are positioned together in a kiln for the purpose of melting them down. The melted steel is then dispensed into casters and turned into flat sheets.

Reformation: Once the steel is in sheet form, it can be moulded into products such as new car parts, steel cans, or construction materials. Steel can be recycled interminably without losing its strength or quality.

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