Computer Recycling – The Basics

Computer recycling or electronic recycling is the reclaiming or reuse of computers or other electronic equipment. It takes account of both finding an added use for resources (such as donation to charity), and having structures pulled to pieces, in a way that allows for the harmless elimination of the vital materials for reuse in other materials.

Scrap Metal Sydney has been an industry leader in managing assets and the recycling and reuse of a wide array of end-of-life and antediluvian computers, computer monitors and other electronic gadgets.

In our continuing effort to counterbalance the hastily increasing burden on the environment, Scrap Metal Sydney addresses these issues through novelty and integration of the modern state-of-the-art recycling methods into our processing facility.

The additional capability provided by this innovative automation equipment gives Scrap Metal Sydney a clear advantage over other computer recycling companies. We do not dispose of the problem; we actually recycle it all using the most progressive, environmentally friendly and affordable methods.

Scrap Metal Sydney serves government agencies, small, mid-size and Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and concerned citizens with the ideal solution for electronics recycling, which includes computer recycling, by providing:

  • Tailored asset management and asset tracing throughout the process
  • Data safety, recycling and Certificates of Destruction
  • Maximum value return from the nature of IT equipment for prized computer recycling
  • The best solution for end-of-life electronics with the slightest impact on the environment
  • A feasible alternative to e-waste in our globe’s landfills


At Scrap Metal Sydney, we offer the following services:

  • 100% Free Computer and e-Waste Disposal
  • Welcoming No Fuss Service
  • Easy Drive In, Drop Off, six days a week
  • Disposing of all Computers, Monitors, Printers and Telephone Equipment
  • Enterprise Services, Audits, Decommissioning, Data Destruction
  • Certificate of Disposal – Destruction obtainable on request
  • Free Decommissioning and Data Destruction in Regular Services
  • Zero Landfill, Items are disposed of through a Green Clean methods


Scrap Metal Sydney is committed to Quality Service, Documentation and Transparent Green Processes. We ensure you that all our processes are no less than green and secure. We receive an untiring stream if eWaste, both re-useable and recyclable and have industrialized and developing maintainable streams for both complete items, constituents and the commodities.

While we specialize on Technology Reuse, we are also dedicated to decent recycling. We offer an all-inclusive array of Data Destruction services, both in house and onsite, for Servers, Networking, Legacy, Desktop ad Notebooks, and Telecommunication with audit and certification.


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NOTE - We don't pick up small quantities of household scrap like washing machines! Sorry!


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