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Scrap metal buyers buy all types of scrap metal like copper, iron , lead and stainless steel to mention but a few. They can either buy in bulk or smaller quantities. A buyer could either be buying for his company or buying to resell to bigger companies who have the appropriate machines for recycling. Recycling can be referred to as the art of processing an already used material like metal to an entirely new product. Other materials that can be recycled other than metal include paper, plastic, leather, rubber and glass. Other than environmental issues, recycling scrap metal creates much needed jobs. The positive thing about scrap metal is that it can be recycled again and again without loosing its value or strength.

The recycling process begins with scrap metal buyers who buy or collect the metal from different sources like households and other suppliers. Bigger quantities of scrap metal like useless nuclear power plants, outdated ocean liners and aircrafts are sold through bidding. Reputable companies like Scrap Metal Sydney are reliable sources for such buyers. Scrap Metal Sydney not only sells such metals, it is also a trusted buyer with truthful weighing machines and very competitive prices without any delays in making payments.

After buying or collection, scrap metal buyers then sell the scrap to bigger companies who in turn send them to sorting agents. The agents center their sorting on type and composition. After sorting, metals that are of the same composition and type are then grouped together and sent for recycling. There are two types of scrap metal, ferrous scrap and non-ferrous scrap. Ferrous scraps contain a certain percentage of iron while non-ferrous contain no iron. Scrap metal buyers therefore sell the ferrous scrap at a higher price than the non-ferrous type.

After the sorting process, the metal is then sent for inspection after which the melting process begins. The melting is done in smelters using very high temperatures. These smelters vary from metal to metal as different metals require different temperatures to melt. The next process involves the cooling. Once the metals are completely melted, they are molded into small bars and left to cool. The newly recycled metal is then sold to industries and manufactures for use. Anyone can join this league of scrap metal buyers by simply buying and collecting from their neighborhoods after which they can sell them to highly regarded companies like Scrap Metal Sydney.

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