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Scrap Metal Sydney recycles every scrap metal that you bring to us. There are a wide range of scrap metals that could be recycled. Each metal has its own features and hands-on usages. Both of these helps in your search for them. Below are a few of them.

Aluminum – This is a lightweight metal with a gloomy silver color. Sometimes magnesium is mistaken for aluminum as it looks similarly and is also light weight. The big variance is that magnesium is combustible. Aluminum is often categorized by dealers as heavy or light grade. Light being things like lawn furniture and soda cans while heavy is all the rest. Some dealers gather it all together. In the case of lawn furniture it is advisable to get rid of all plastic as this reduces its value.

Iron – This is magnetic so just a dash with a magnet will give it away. Also it is very heavy and rusts. Iron is used in the whole kit and caboodle from cars to girder beams to pipes. Being heavy and common it doesn’t take long to gather a lot of it. In view of that, its value is low too, but bear in mind that with iron you’re dealing with a great deal of weight so it can add up.


Stainless Steel – Although this has iron, it is nonmagnetic or only marginally magnetic. If it is intensely magnetic then it is categorized as “magnetic stainless” and must be sold as iron. Stainless is weighty and has a dull shine. It is used in hub caps, car trim, hand rails, and beer kegs.

Lead – This is heavy, soft, dull grey, and has a low melting point. It is made use of in piping, as weights in scuba diving, it comes in ingots to be melted for linking together iron pipes in sewer lines, and as fishing sinkers.

Copper – This is the familiar red metal used in house tubing. In time copper will turn green from contact to moisture. It is most commonly used in wire, tubing, and plumbing fittings. Copper is classified in more than a few categories.

Brass – Brass is yellow and every so often used as a gold substitute. It is an alloy of zinc and copper. It is used in sink drains and fixtures (at times chrome plated to make it more attractive), low pressure plumbing fittings (often with copper), car radiators, door knobs, and in trim hardware.

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