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Steel recycling saves a lot of money, time and energy that could have otherwise been spent on the mining of iron ore. There are two types of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are those that contain iron and therefore highly attractive to magnets. Non-ferrous metals contain no iron. Steel falls in the first category which means that it is a ferrous metal and therefore contains a certain percentage of iron. The recycling of steel can start right at home by piling up unused steel cans and other appliances and selling them off to scrap metal merchants who in turn sell them to big and reputable companies like Scrap Metal Sydney for processing. The steel is ultimately sent to mills, foundries and detinners.

Steel is definitely the most common metal used in all households simply because it retains heat therefore saving a lot of energy. Steel recycling does not drain the strength or value of steel and can be done again and again saving the environment from harmful toxins that are released by wrongly disposed metals. Scrap Metal Sydney is the best choice for those looking for steel recyclers.  This is one of the most trusted and respected scrap metal companies in Sydney, Australia. They have proved that old is indeed gold. Soda cans, old steel sinks and brass plumbing have fed many a family in these harsh and difficult economic times. It does not matter how bulky your used steel is, Scrap Metal Sydney buys from both small scale dealers to big ones without any discrimination.

All customers are treated with the respect, integrity and honesty. This is especially crucial because many people do not realize the exact value of their used steel and usually end up being conned. This company offers the current prices of scrap, uses accurate measures and pays promptly without any excuses to lengthen the payment period.  Visiting their website is a good way of finding out the current prices offered for used steel since they keep changing from time to time. This website is however updated regularly to avoid any inconveniences. With over a hundred and fifty years of operation, the steel industry heavily relies on scrap metals for new productions. Recycling steel in your home goes a long way in contributing to this good cause even if it means collecting soda cans in your home and neighborhood in general and forwarding them to recognized companies like Scrap Metal Sydney.


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