Steel Recycling: Turning Trash to Cash

There is a continuous growing concern on waste management; issues about environmental degradation are still on top of society’s eyes. Consequently, many companies worldwide have initiated or formed several movements to help in the said environmental issue. One of the trends rising in today’s industry is steel recycling.
Steel recycling as its name states is the process of gathering scrap metals and turning them into new steel products. The reason for this procedures favorability is twofold:
It helps reduce the clutter in the environment
This process helps in the resolution of a perennial issue, waste management, through the process of recycling. Rather than just throwing old steel or steel- containing products in a landfill or incinerating it, it could be melted again and renewed as brand new steel. Companies don’t have a hard time collecting steel because it contains iron. Consequently, steel products are attracted to magnets. Large magnetic belts help the recycling process convenient and practical.
It’s cheaper than making new steel
A lot of companies nowadays favor steel recycling because it’s cheaper than making new steel. The production of steel composes of mining iron ore, and then melted in a furnace to remove all impurities. When recycling steel, you remove the first process form steel manufacturing and replace it with collecting scrap metal, which is fundamentally simpler and consequently cheaper.
Also, steel recycling helps save up to 75 percent of energy expenditure from generating new steel. This 75 percent saved energy could then supply electrical power for more or less 18 million households.
Scrap Metal Sydney: A Leader in Steel Recycling
Scrap Metal Sydney is at the heart of scrap metal business as it is the one of the most trusted and dedicated steel recycling companies in Sydney, Australia. We take old appliances, other electronics and devices, and turn them into new reusable steel, what might be old could indeed still be gold. It is not only for our gain that we collect scrap metals; our customers also benefit because we buy these materials from them. We offer very reasonable scrap metal prices depending on the status of the market.
Approximately 100 million steel cans are discarded in America alone. And sometimes they are just thrown away for no future use. So the next time you’re about to throw a can of soda or a broken appliance, think about where you’re putting it. Recycle it. Recycle with us.

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