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  • What is steel recycling?

Steel recycling is the collecting and melting of discarded, leftover and previously used steel for the purpose of providing the metal to the industries that use it, which are many. It takes less energy to use steel scrap to make new steel than to mine the iron ore from which it is sourced and then smelt the ore in a blast furnace with temperatures averaging 2800 Fahrenheit and that’s why today’s steel makers always use a high percentage of steel scrap to make new steel products.

  • What are the steps to take in recycling steel?

Steel is without doubt the easiest metal to separate from all waste metals. Steel is ferrous, meaning that it contains iron and thus attracted to magnets. In processing solid waste streams, special magnetic belts effectively separate steel cans, sinks and other items made of or containing steel from other recyclables. This is the more efficient and less labor intensive method of picking out steel from other recyclables, such as plastics and paper.

With increased environmental awareness, steel recycling at home is commonly done nowadays. First, food is rinsed from the steel cans and then compacted within reasonable means or just kept aside.  In the earlier years of recycling, scrap dealers asked people to remove paper labels and the tops and bottoms from cans, a step considered to be a nuisance and which is no longer necessary today, greatly encouraging more people to collect and recycle.

After steel scrap is collected from homes, factories, farms and cities, it is either shipped to companies that buy old steel or are processed locally by companies like Scrap Metal Sydney.

Scrap steel for recycling eventually end up in mills, foundries, and detinners. Detinners employ machines that remove the layer of tin from steel can as tin is processed and sold separately.

  • Why is steel recycling great for the environment?

Recycling steel, one of the most commonly used metals for human activities, saves a lot of energy. Recycling steel is great for the environment as it lessens the strain on our natural and human resources, both presently and in the future. Recycling steel produces the same clean and usable metal that can also be recycled once more. Steel is suitable for recycling as it does not lose any of its strength or quality in the recycling process. Recycling it is a sustainable effort that can be a never-ending process that saves valuable energy and resources of many kinds.

  • Why choose Scrap Metal Sydney for steel recycling?

woman-smiling-pngScrap Metal Sydney is deep in the scrap metal business and being one of the most trusted and promising scrap metal companies in Sydney, Australia, we provide both our customers and employees all the best that our business has to offer. We do more than helping to clean and save the environment; we also contribute to the strengthening of our economy.

We take your broken appliances and any non-functional devices with metals in them and disassemble these to take out as much usable parts as possible. We are considered by many as junk recyclers but within our yards are metal treasures that are processed to become part of the cycle once more. Don’t throw away your old or broken appliances; collect your soda cans and discarded metal house implements like steel sinks and brass plumbing. Trade them in and see for yourself that old is indeed gold, or saleable at least.

We offer the best prices for your scrap metal pieces, we are a very transparent company as we believe in honesty and treating all our customers as we would like to be treated. Scrap metal prices depend on the current market, and prices vary for that reason. However, we assure you that you as our valued customers will always get the best quotes for small or big transactions. And for any changes, we always keep our price list updated for your convenience.

Sorting out steel can be labor intensive, extensive and sometimes time consuming, well, if it has to be sorted out from automobiles and other electrical products devoid from the usage of machines. But steel recycling itself is not labor intensive, extensive and time consuming. It is as easy as using a magnet to sort it out from domestic waste streams. Finished products can be that of a new car, mountain or children’s bicycles, steel bars used to build concrete debris of a buildings, paperclips or even cans as containers of food and beverages you are holding now.


The ugly truth about steel is that the average population of the American citizens uses approximately 100 million of steel cans over one day, every day and sometimes they are just being thrown away and left disregarded. The good truth about steel recycling is that it can save up to 75 percent of energy expenditure usage that is supposed to be for generating new steel from raw materials. That 75 percent saved energy can supply enough electrical power for approximately 18 million households. And lastly in North America, they have been recycling more steel than plastics each year.

The steel industry has been operating for over 150 years now and its major and primary source to produce new products are materials from scrap metals. Steel has been extremely important in the fencing industry where steel fences are common practice around fences in Sydney. Let us add more years of its productivity through contributing small yet significant ways through steel recycling. Collecting scrap metals from junks or from your backyard and in your neighborhood is enough effort to contribute to the betterment of the world. Also, the costs are cheaper compared to the amount that will be utilized when mining new sources of it. It saves money and reduces the required electrical and power consumptions. It advances the economy since new usable products can be shipped and distributed to millions of consumers worldwide. And the greatest of its effect, Mother Earth and its inhabitants can survive more years through the reduction of greenhouse gases that destroy. Moreover, the earth’s natural resources can be preserved. This preservation will serve as a welcome gift for the new generations to come.


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Steel Recycling

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