The Importance of Steel Recycling

Green is the way to go here at Scrap Metal Sydney!

Among all the scrap metal we recycle, steel recycling is one of our specialties. Steel is an essential metal found in various objects and structures we use everyday such as tin cans and buildings. 80% of the metals that are thrown away are actually steel metal, and that is why steel recycling has never been more important than it is today.

Scrap Metal Sydney ensures that the whole steel recycling process is fast and efficient. It starts with our friendly, and reliable garbos going to you to collect the steel and other scrap metals you may have. After collection, the scraps are taken to Scrap Metal Sydney for further sorting. In order to separate the steel from the other metal craps such as aluminum, the scraps are put on a conveyor belt with a giant magnet above to pull out the steel scraps. The scraps are then compressed, crushed and baled. After, the steel scraps are sent to a reprocessing center where the steel goes through other processes, such as de-tinning, melting, and rinsing. Then, the steel is recycled into items such as industrial beams, steel plates, and bridge spans.

At Scrap Metal Sydney, anyone and everyone can help in the process of steel recycling, because everything is made effortless for you. Our garbos are all on standby to pick up the scraps you need to be recycled. Or, maybe you find it difficult segregating the steel from you rubbish? Not to worry, at Scrap Metal Sydney, onsite disassembly and sorting can be availed of, and you won’t even have to lift a finger. In addition, we give you advice on how to maximize your profits when it comes to steel recycling.

Steel as material in the market has been part of the system for over a century the only real way to recycle it is to bring it to the proper recycling center. But no other recycling center does it the way Scrap Metal Sydney operates. Act now, be responsible, and at the same time, you’ll earn some decent money. Send your steel scraps to Scrap Metal Sydney. Give us a call or avail of our online pick up service to get your steel scraps recycled today. Scrap Metal Sydney, the best scrap metal services for Australian citizens who want to make a difference in the environment.

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