Go Green with Steel Recycling

Sorting out steel can be labor intensive, broad and sometimes time consuming, well, if it has to be sorted out from vehicles and other electrical products devoid from the usage of machines. But steel recycling itself is not exhaustive, extensive and time consuming. It is as easy as utilizing a magnet to sort it out from household waste streams. Finished products can be that of a new car, mountain or children’s bikes, steel bars used to construct concrete debris of buildings, paperclips or even tin cans as containers of food and beverages.

The steel business has been operating for over 150 years now and its main and primary source to produce novel products are materials from scrap metals. Let us add more years of its efficiency through contributing small yet noteworthy ways through steel recycling. Collecting scrap metals from garbage or from your backyard and in your neighborhood is sufficient effort to contribute to a healthier world. Also, the costs are more inexpensive compared to the amount that will be exploited when mining new sources of it. It saves money and diminishes the needed electrical and power consumptions. It advances the financial system since new usable products can be distributed and shipped to millions of consumers worldwide. And the utmost of its effect, Mother Earth and its inhabitants can continue to exist more years through the lessening of greenhouse gases that destroy. Moreover, the earth’s natural resources can be conserved. This perpetuation will serve as a welcome gift for the future generations to come.

Among all the scrap metals we recycle, steel recycling is one of our areas of expertise. Steel is an indispensable metal found in a variety of objects and structures we use day by day such as tin cans and buildings. 80% of the metals that are thrown away are essentially steel metal, and that is why steel recycling has on no account been more vital than it is today.

Scrap Metal Sydney ensures that the entire steel recycling process is fast and well-organized. It starts with our friendly and reliable staff going to you to accumulate the steel and other scrap metals you may have. After collection, the scraps are taken to Scrap Metal Sydney for additional sorting. In order to divide the steel from the other metal scraps such as aluminum, the scraps are put on a conveyor belt with an enormous magnet above to pull out the steel scraps. The scraps are then compressed, trampled and baled. After, the steel scraps are hurled to a reprocessing center where the steel undergoes other processes, such as melting, de-tinning, and rinsing. Then, the steel is recycled into materials such as industrial beams, bridge spans and steel plates.


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