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Ever heard of the claim, there’s money in garbage? Instead of throwing out old and obsolete computers away, commercial and industrial businesses can reap secondary raw materials through computer recycling Sydney. It does not only save resources but you get to help the environment in several ways. Recycling is one way to salvage metal parts from old computers. These metal scraps can be reused in new computers or devices thus reducing the need to manufacture or mine new metals.

Scrap Metal Sydney’s mission is to make it easier for clients to discard unusable computers and devices. We are a trusted and reliable company that specializes in computer recycling Sydney with fast service and removal turnaround. Our process involves simple but effective steps that ensure proper disposal and segregation of recyclable components from useless ones.


As soon as we received your computer hardware, the process will move on to disassembling and dismantling of the components then sorting it out one by one into temporary storage bins. After which, plastic materials will be sent to a conveyor to be grinded. This part of the process will ensure size consistency for the plastics. It ends with the finished product being sent for recycling. The harvest raw materials can then be used for multiple purposes depending on your needs.


Computer recycling Sydney has never been this convenient and easy for corporations. You can avail of this cost-effective way to recycle a large amount of computer surplus by simply arranging a recycling service with Scrap Metal Sydney. You can worry no more about improper disposal and possible compliance liabilities. There’s no need to contact your computer’s original equipment manufacturer to set-up the disposal process because we can do it for you in a more effective way.


Your business does not need to suffer the brunt of hard economic times. You can combat the steadily increasing price of precious metals through effective electronic recycling with Scrap Metals Sydney. You can recover essential metals such as copper, lead, gold, aluminum and palladium from old computers. Imagine the huge savings that you can gain as a corporation as well as your green contribution to the environment. Recycling offers you huge benefits with little to no effort on your part. All you need is to outsource the service with us and we will take care of the rest. Call us at 02 9707 2955 to have your old computer removed as soon as possible.


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