What is Copper Recycling?

What is Copper?

Copper is a mineral which may be found in the Earth’s crust. It is a pliable metal that has extraordinary thermal and electrical conduction characteristics. Pure copper is soft and ductile and a freshly exposed surface has a to a certain degree pink or peachy color. Copper is utilized as a thermal conductor, electrical conductor, and as a component of a number of alloys.

All higher animal and plant life require copper as an indispensable trace nutrient. In humans and animals it is located in tissues and bone with concentrations in the muscle, liver, and bones. Copper also works as a co-factor in several enzymes.

Copper has been utilized by men for thousands of years as an uncompounded metal. Evidence still subsists of the use of copper in primeval civilizations.

Reserves of copper are still ample but will not be able to withstand current rates of consumption. In 2000 up to this moment high demand in relation to supply has triggered prices to rise abruptly.


What is Copper Recycling?

Copper Recycling – This element is usually used in the electrical and plumbing jobs. Copper is the third foremost metal made after iron and aluminum. Copper usage is swiftly increasing as more and more products are built with computer and electronic constituents.

Most raw resources have alloys being appended to the base metal. Copper in contrast is more frequently used in a pure form, over and above any other metal. Resistance to corrosion and great conductivity in pure form makes it already appropriate for its ordinary uses which include plumbing, electrical wire and heating pipe. Scrap Metal Sydney offers the best copper recycling services to all our customers.

Copper Recycling Prices / Is Copper Economically Feasible?

The prices of scrap copper differ depending on the type of scrap. Die cast parts are the most looked-for getting up to 25 dollars per pound.

Scraps from generators and electrical motors are purchased by metal salvage yards for up to 10 dollars per pound. Number 1 wire can cost up to 2.50 per pound.


The drawback of copper recycling is the increasing volume of thefts and wreckage of air conditioners, tubing and ducts for new houses and construction sites.

A cognizance of the value of thrown away industrial and automotive scrap can embolden individuals and organizations to an upsurge in recycling activities

These recycling actions will not only be economically sustainable but will be a huge aspect in preserving the environment. Recovered, reprocessed, and recycled metals could save millions of dollars in industrialized and automotive manufacturing and will go afar in the conservation of non-renewable resources.

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