Computer Recycling: The Virtuous and Sensible Alternative

Computer recycling or electronic recycling is the salvaging or reuse of computers or other electronic gadgets. It takes account of both finding an additional use for resources (such as donation to charity), and having systems pulled to pieces, in a way that permits for the harmless removal of the integral materials for reuse in other materials.

Scrap Metal Sydney has constantly been at the fore of the computer recycling market in asset management and the recycling and reuse of a wide assortment of end-of-life and superseded computers, computer monitors and other electronic devices.

In our enduring effort to equipoise the hastily increasing burden on the atmosphere, Scrap Metal Sydney addresses these problems through modernization and incorporation of the most recent state-of-the-art recycling schemes into our processing facility.

The additional capability provided by this innovative automation paraphernalia gives Scrap Metal Sydney a clear gain over other electronics recycling businesses. Scrap Metal Sydney does not dispose of the problem; we truthfully recycle it all using the most cutting-edge, eco friendly and cost effective ways and means.

Scrap Metal Sydney serves small, average and Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutes and concerned citizens with the finest solution for electronics recycling, together with computer recycling, by providing:

  • Tailored asset management and asset tracking during the course of the process
  • Data security, reprocessing and Certificates of Destruction
  • All-out value return from the nature of IT equipment for esteemed computer recycling
  • The paramount resolution for end-of-life electronics with the slightest impression on the environment
  • A feasible alternative to e-waste in our biosphere’s landfills

Truly, electronics recycling is not just the virtuous alternative… it is the sensible one!


Consumer recycling

Consumer recycling choices includes sale, donating computers straight to establishments in need, sending equipment directly back to its original manufacturers, or getting constituents to a suitable recycler or refurbisher.


Online auctions are an alternative for users agreeable to resell for cash less fees, in a complex, self-managed, competitive situation where paid listings may not sell. Online classified ads can be in the same way risky because of forgery scams and ambiguity.


The escalating price of valuable metals — together with the high rate of joblessness — has led to a greater number of unprofessional “for profit” electronics recyclers. Computer parts, for instance, are stripped of their most prized constituents and traded for scrap. Metals in the likes of lead, gold, copper, aluminum,  and palladium are recovered from computers, televisions and other electronic equipment.


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