Scrap Metal Buyers – How to Start One!

Metal recycling and scrapping is a profitable business for many, especially in hard-hitting economic times. While it’s a dirty and perhaps dangerous job, high metal prices can command large financial returns. Find out how to start a scrap metal business to elect if it can be an intelligent investment of time and resources.



  1. Purchase a truck or van that is big enough to transport scrap metal pieces. It should be totally insured and in good condition to tow heavy materials, with an interior that won’t be broken by rust or sharp metal edges.
  2. Set up a location for metal recycling. Depending on how much and what kind of items you plan to gather, this could be as small as a storage unit or trailer. If you want a big yard, you’ll have to lease or buy an open space. Either space must be safe to prevent theft and probable liability from falling on sharp pieces. You’ll also need an area to sort and process scrap.
  3. Start making arrangements to gather scrap. Sources include businesses that use and dispose of metal, homeowners throwing away items like air conditioners and refrigerators and construction sites. Most businesses will require you to pay for the scrap metal you take.
  4. Advertise in the local newspaper, online, and by means of flyers handed out door to door. Let your neighbors know that you are embarking on a scrap metal business and ask them to send any scrap metal your way.
  5. Check metal prices on a regular basis to be aware of what to charge and what amount to pay for scrap. Know the difference between various types of metal. There are big variances in value for alloys, copper and steel. Metal prices fluctuate, so it’s vital to keep up with values.
  6. Find processors and collectors of metal to sell your scrap to. A local scrapyard and recycling center are some of your best options. You can also promote scrap metal that you have for sale either online or through any other means. If you elect to start a scrap yard, it can be open to the public at particular times for customers to browse and buy.


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