The Best of the Best Recyclers in Sydney

The Best of the Best Recyclers

No other metal recycler in Sydney can match the professionalism and workmanship that go into our metal recycling business. We not only collect and recycle lots of different materials in addition to scrap metal. We also provide an unbeatable service in making available a free service for removing your dilapidated vehicle or car from your premises, all the way to our recycling site. To make the deal a bit more attractive, we also pay cash for any metal scrap you have lying on your Sydney property or home backyard. Our innovation knows no bounds.

The weight is no big deal

One of the main problems that other recycling providers have is their inability to provide suitable lifting capabilities. For our part, we can lift a load in excess of 500 kilograms onto one of our many trucks and transport it to our recycling site. And there is no reason to worry about the correct payment either. Our professionals have been at the game for so long they are extremely skilled in conjuring up just the right price for your scrap metal. The prices they give you are totally competitive anywhere in Sydney and in other cities as well.

Our clients are very important to us

The professional scrap metal people we employ know that your schedule and not theirs is very important to us. They will find the most suitable time for when to collect your scrap metal or junk cars directly from your home or business premises. They are courteous at all times and the friendliness they show  to our clients has been a hallmark of our operations over the years and well into the future. They are not only friendly, they also provide clients with impeccable professionalism and prompt service that will satisfy the most demanding of customers.

We do more for our clients

Our business ethics formed and nurtured over many years of offering and providing continual scrap metal removal services and recycling, has led us to a path of distinguished progress and loads of confidence from both our current and potential clients. In addition to removing scrap metal derelicts from homes, streets, warehouses and factories, we also try to minimize wastage of useful metal thereby reducing the consumption of virgin material. We are placing more emphasis on recycling scrap metals and we therefore have an ongoing demand for your scrap metals of any type.

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We can quickly and effectively remove all scrap metal from off your property and premises.

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Telephone: 02 9707 2955
Mobile: 0429 028 001
Fax: 02 9707 3200

NOTE - We don't pick up small quantities of household scrap like washing machines! Sorry!


Address: 1-3 Beresford Road, Greenacre NSW 2190

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