Copper Recycling is Not a New Innovation

Scrap Metals Sydney offers unequalled services in the collection and recycling of copper scrap so as to keep the environment safe and free from copper contamination. We are acquainted with the knowledge that recycling of copper took place thousands of years ago. From olden time up to the Middle Ages, iconic statues and military equipment were said to have been made of copper. The material has many applications and therefore the use of recycling is the only method that will ensure a constant supply of the material for use in the future.

A boon for electrical wiring

Besides its use in many other modern applications, we know that the primary utility of copper lies in its use for electrical applications because of certain qualities it possesses. We know these qualities as we do the value that they represent. First and foremost is that in its pure form copper is used for the most critical application in the production of fine and superfine enamelled wires. These wires must have no flaws on the surface otherwise they will disrupt the flow of electrical current coursing through them. There surfaces must therefore have excellent to allow for high conductivity.

Plumbing also gets its share

Copper is also employed in the production of large quantities of plumbing tube, sheets for roofing and heat exchangers. This means that there are numerous sources from where copper can be available but the only commercially viable method of harnessing the source is by recycling. We can provide an excellent recycling service for copper scrap collected from various points all over Sydney and the outlying areas. We have the essential equipment and professional skills to carry out an extremely efficient service that will provide a constant supply of copper and clean the environment.

Copper recycling for high conductivity

Ultimately we are the best recyclers of copper in Sydney with our superior knowledge of copper qualities, utility and potential sources. Our expertise knows no bounds and we provide the whole of Sydney with a steady stream of copper products principally for making superb electricity wiring. We have no equal in the refining of contaminated or faulty copper due to some freak accident or natural disaster. We simply re-melt the copper and have it cast to the highest standards possible so it can be categorised as ‘A’ copper used in the production of fine wires.

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