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Scrap Iron Recycling

At Scrap Metal Sydney we are so obsessed with the task of making high quality steel from old used steel that we have gone on a wild search and collect campaign that provides an invaluable service to our Sydney customers and beyond. We search out the most likely places where our customers may have unusable steel stacked away somewhere or still on unwanted buildings and we remove it for them. We are truly proud for being able to offer our Sydney customers a personalised scrap metal service for their specific needs and aspirations.

Valuable scrap metals involved

It is essential that we have a firm knowledge and understanding of what type of scrap metal we are talking about in terms of collecting this valuable material. The most common are copper, steel, aluminium, brass, iron and all types of wires. Sometimes we can also accept other metals for recycling and offer top price for their retrieval. Before going out for our routine collective pick-up, we make calls to potential sites asking for information on the availability of scrap iron.

Scrap metals are easy to find

At Scrap Metal Sydney we can also offer advice as to how anyone who wants to hunt for scrap metal can do it easily with the aid of a magnet. This is the easiest method for locating and identifying scrap metal.  When a chunk of metal is discovered, the simplest way to know the type of metal is by applying the magnet. If the magnet sticks to the chunk or object, you have found ferrous metal like steel or iron. These types of metal aren’t worth much at scrap yards.

We offer the best service

There is a high volume of unused, discarded or historical metal junk lying around Sydney and its outlying suburbs. They can be in the form of cars, homes, sheds, warehouses or any other old relic that can be used as scrap metal. These relics present an unsightly spectacle for any neighbourhood and their clearing is a blessing to areas affected by their presence. This is where we come in and our role is simply to provide a pick-up collecting service that will provide our customers with the most efficient service that will satisfy their needs. At the same time, the service will recycling opportunities from the collected materials

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We are experts in the trade of recycling scrap metal and if you have any metal scraps to be collected simply call us on and we will pick it up for you.