Aluminum Recycling in Scrap Metal Sydney

Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of the aluminum scraps that have been piling up in your garage for quite some time now? Well, worry no more and call Scrap Metal Sydney today and avail of their free pick up for aluminum scraps. The good news doesn’t stop there as Scrap Metal Sydney also pays and weighs your aluminum scraps on the spot!

aluminium recycling

E-Planet recent project involved commercially recycling worn our aluminium wheels.

You will not only get rid of unwanted scrap materials lying about your house but you will also be able to take part in aluminum recycling. Aluminum recycling is the process of putting to use scrap aluminum materials. This is done by melting the aluminum scrap material and making a new useful piece. The good thing about recycling aluminum is that the melting and remolding process does not affect the quality of the material at all. Newly formed aluminum from aluminum scraps can now then be used to construct various things like furniture, devices, houses and even buildings! Ingenious is it not?

Why Opt for Aluminum Recycling?

Aluminum recycling is one of the many great ways of helping the environment. Since homeowners like you are giving up aluminum scraps for recycling instead of having them disposed in garbage dumpsites, you’re saving thousands and thousands of humans, animals and even mother earth! Aluminum scraps which are not recycled join other scrap metals and sit in dumpsites idly for a good number of years – potentially posing health risks for animals and humans near the area.

Aluminum recycling also helps lessen the production of new aluminum which entails mining. Aluminum scraps only need to be melted and formed into new useful structures whereas production of new aluminum needs hiring man power for mining and exposing these workers to chemicals that might harm their health. Those living near the mining area are also at great risk for health problems.

Finally, aluminum recycling not only saves people, animals and the environment but also saves you money! In Scrap Metal Sydney, aluminum is usually priced at $1.00 to $1.50 per kilogram depending on the availability of it in your area. Rest assured, Scrap Metal Sydney will give you competitive and fair, if not the best price for your aluminum scraps with honest and accurate weighing scales and prompt pay. Scrap Metal Sydney also buys aluminum radiators at $1.50 per kilogram or $4.00 for each aluminum radiator.

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