Aluminium Recycling Made Easy

With ever changing times of the present, Aluminium recycling has not only become important for our environment it is considerably cost effective. Aluminium is used in many household items such as bicycles, antennas, cans, car parts and watches. However the two greatest industries which use benefit from aluminium are the can (beverage) making industry and the car manufacturing industry.

This may not seems like much but combined with the entire amount that is scrapped as wastage every year in Australia, it amounts to a lot. This is where recycling comes in.

Mostly aluminium is recycled to create cans, which can be recycled over and over again completely. Recycling old cans into new uses 95 percent less energy and produces 95 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


A number of charities also benefit from recycling aluminium by earning money for local programs. Scrap Metal Sydney are the best aluminium recycling metal services in the city for your aluminium disposing requirements. We provide free pick up service for any order over a certain weight while keeping it all customer friendly and professional. For aluminium cars, our partner is able to assist you with scrap cars for cash.

The staffs at Scrap Metal Sydney actually care for the environment that is why we are the best choice for aluminium recycling for you and your business. We provide jobs and help support local businesses as much as we can because we care.

Aluminium recycling with us will not only save you the price of purchasing new aluminium it will also help preserve natural resources. If you do not recycle, chances are that most aluminium metals will end up in huge dump sites which are then open to animals, birds and people. If they can come in contact with them and that is a risk which we at Sydney Scrap Metal would rather not take.

Aluminium cans are the most precious items in the municipal waste stream because they can be infinitely recycled. Statistics say that out of all the aluminium ever produced, 75 percent of that is still in use. The value of the aluminium that has not gone to waste but in fact been recovered in 2011 which has covered the cost of collection and processing. Think about that.

We here at Scrap Metal Sydney care for the environment like we know most of you do and want to help but do not really know how to take that first step. We can help you and guide you in helping Australia become a better and safer place to live in.


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