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One of our industrial clients unloading their scraps at our vicinity.

Believe it or not, with the numerous number of scrap metal merchants in Australia these days, it is almost impossible to find a good and honest company to get rid of your metal scraps! For most homeowners and construction companies however, Scrap Metal Sydney has been the top and best choice for their scrap metal needs.

Honest and Accurate Weighing Scales

It is very important for scrap metal merchants to use honest to goodness weighing scales to provide accurate measurements of scrap metals in terms of weight to their clients. At Scrap Metal Sydney, only fully functional weighing scales that provide true weight measurements are used.

Competitive, Fair and the Best Prices for Scrap Metals

Scrap Metal Sydney provides the best prices for scrap metals. Unlike other scrap metal merchants who abuse traders and homeowners by offering the lowest price they could negotiate with, Scrap Metal Sydney is dedicated to having fair and honest prices for your scrap metals. Although the price of scrap metals is determined by a lot of factors, Scrap Metal Sydney is sure to stick to a fixed range of prices for each kind of scrap metal as published in their website.

Free Pick Up for Bulk Metal Scraps

Yes! That’s right. Scrap Metal Sydney picks up your bulk metal scraps for free as long as it is within a certain amount of weight for a certain type of scrap metal. One of their service trucks will be at your address in no time and pick up the bulk scrap metal, weigh it on the spot and pay you. With Scrap Metal Sydney, there is really no need to worry about delayed or shortly miscalculated payments.

Free Scrap Metal Bins for Your Use

If you are constantly faced with space problems due to the fast accumulating scrap metals in your area, then Scrap Metal Sydney will provide free scrap metal bins for you! This service is available for those clients who constantly need tons of scrap metals to be picked up by Scrap Metal Sydney. Worrying about how to efficiently use space for those scrap metals will never again be a problem!

Friendly and Honest Service

Scrap Metal Sydney is composed of employees who provide accommodating and honest service to all their clients whether you’re a large industrial firm or a homeowner currently doing renovations at home.

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NOTE - We don't pick up small quantities of household scrap like washing machines! Sorry!


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