Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is the intentional collection of metal byproduct, used or unused with the aim of converting it into usable form again. Transforming scrap metal into a saleable or usable product entails melting the metal or metals in furnaces fired to high temperatures. Recycled scrap is a leading raw material component for about 70 per cent of steel made in continental United States and this figure is similar to the amount of scrap metal recycled and processed in Europe, Australia and Asia.

  • Why is scrap metal recycling great for the environment?

Scrap metal recycling help keep the world’s air and water cleaner by removing potentially hazardous material, keeping them out of landfills and converting these expensive resources into usable form once more, lessening the pressure on the mines of the world to produce more.

  • When did scrap metal recycling start?

Scrap metal recycling has been around for ages. It has existed since the discovery of metal, when primitive smiths re-melted iron ingots and filings to be used to make other items. These were the first scraps, or unused metals scraps. History is rife with instances when kings and military leaders “repurposed” metals vessels used for worship activities to shields, emblems or weapons of war.

We at Scrap Metal Sydney run a business that cares about the community, the people in it and the environment. We at Scrap Metal Sydney believe that our scrap metal recycling business answers the need to produce metals with the same qualities found in newly processed metal but in a more cost efficient way. Our business not only helps keep our cities free of heavy metals, and life sustaining bodies of water and the air clean, businesses like Scrap Metal Sydney also help keep metal prices affordable, the effects of which are passed on to all consumers.

  • What services are the involved in scrap metal recycling?

Part of the services offered by Scrap Metal Sydney is collecting scrap metal from homes, community collecting sites, farms and yards. Collection and delivery are integral part of any scrap metal recycling business and we do it efficiently and professionally.

Weighing is also another service of Scrap Metal Sydney. Both digital and common weighing scales are used for smaller items and we have weighbridges and bins for big scale needs.

For pricing, visit our website or call us today for some of the best prices in Australia.

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