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Scrap Steel Recycling – A Marvellous Business Creation

The real purpose behind the recycling of steel is to ensure a steady supply of steel for the manufacture of extremely useful products. Demand for the recycled steel has kept on escalating from year to year and there is a constant battle to create very efficient businesses that will provide this type of service. The creation of Scrap Metal Sydney is one such effort in creating a business that provides pick-up collection of scrap metals from practically anywhere in and around Sydney.

The most recycled material in the World

The most impressive feature of steel is its ability to be continually recycled without any degradation in performance when used in the forging of one material to another. It is the most recycled material on earth, more than all the other materials put together. As of 2012, it was still the recycling champion with a winning score of 88% over all other recycled material.  At Scrap Metal Sydney we appreciate this fact and go all-out in a search and pick-up mode that provides an excellent service to all our customers in the Sydney area leaving a very “clean look” after the pick-up.

The three key components

Our experts at Scrap Metal Sydney categorize the sources for steel scrap into 3 main classes: home scrap which produced within the steel mill itself and is available for use within just a few weeks of recycling. We also produce prompt scrap which is available within several months of recycling and is used primarily for the manufacturing of steel products and is available for use within several months of recycling. The obsolete scrap is produced from the originally produced steel products after reaching the end of their lives and may take years before it is available.

An important fact to know

At Scrap Metal Sydney, we are aware that for every 3 tons of old steel, 2 tons of new steel can be produced. This in itself testifies to the discarding of unsuitable elements and the retaining of pure strong steel for use in construction purposes. However, we also appreciate the fact that it’s still essential to use needed quantities of virgin materials to fill in for the lapse of time needed for the recycled steel products to reach the end of their lives. This is how recycling plays an important role in the conservation of virgin materials for making steel products.

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