Scrap Copper Prices – The Basics

Copper is most probably one of the best priced scrap metals. In fact, reports claim that scrap copper can be valued as much as 90% of its brand new value. Of course, scrap copper prices highly depend on where one is planning to sell them. It is also dependent on how much scrap copper is available including the demand for the non ferrous metal. Scrap copper also has several types and grades.

Scrap copper can generally be classified to four types which are copper solids, copper wire, copper breakage and copper alloy. Copper solids have three grades and each grade can be priced differently by your metal scrap collector. Grade 1 copper solids are those that are considerably larger pieces of copper metal. They can include but are not limited to busbars, tubings, 1.6mm thick copper wires, commutator segments and clean copper clippings. Grade 2 copper solids are copper solids which are unalloyed and is composed of at least 96% copper. They can include copper solids like insulated copper wires, hair wires, burnt wires and copper tubings with non copper connections and sediments. Grade 3 copper solids refer to any copper solid which has less than 1.6mm of pure copper in thickness.

Another type of scrapped copper aside from copper solids is copper wires which can have single or double insulation. This type of copper scraps may also be classified as copper solids depending on their thickness. Copper breakage from transformers, starters, ballasts, inductors and electric motors can also be sold as copper scraps. Some scrap metal buyers also consider paying for copper alloys such as brass, bronze, cupronickel, inconel and monel. To make sure, it is advisable to check with your local scrap buyer to confirm acceptance of copper alloys before one starts to build up a stash.

The price of scrap copper is dependent on the type of copper scrap you have collected including the volume of the copper scrap. A greater volume would equal to a bigger earning on the part of the collector. This is especially true if the scrap copper is high grade or pure copper.

If you are a copper scrap collector in Sydney, you will be able to find the best copper prices at Scrap Metal Sydney. Scrap copper prices can change from time to time so it is best for you to contact us first should you have plans of having your collection of copper scraps picked up. Rest assured, Scrap Metal Sydney’s scrap copper prices are the best, if not one of the best in the city.

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