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Life of recycled metal

The life of recycled metal is just as vibrant as raw metal because of the many forms that they can take and the many exploration opportunities that they give for users. Recycled metal is most commonly found in the making of industrial tools, in which they are combined or re-combined with other forms of metal, via an electric arc furnace (EAF), into brand new products with sturdier nature.

Furnace is to a device which permits heating to take place at ceiling temperature while EAF is a modified furnace to heat up charged materials using an electric arc. Generally, EAF is used for the making of stainless steel but sometimes, it can also rejuvenate used copper with new life, via added reverberation and blast; likewise for used aluminium, in which they are recycled by EAF by burning in a relatively lower temperature.

Other industrial use of recycled metal includes constructions. Used iron or aluminium is broadly employed in the building of road and bridges. Occasionally, these metal scraps will also land themselves in parts of automobiles, aircrafts, or other vehicles. Recently, used metals are also actively utilised to lower the toxic level of wastewater produced by factories.

Recycled metals, especially aluminium, are also of no stranger to the making of containers, cans, or pans, which are frequently used in the commercial setting. Most of the time, companies viewed the use of recycled metal as a cheaper alternative to mining of new metal or venturing into the use of other raw materials.

Similarly, recycled metal is also popular in the domestic setting, as metal furniture often evolved a sense of elegance yet remained long-lasting. Recycled metal can be readily seen in the making of tables, benches, or gliders at home. At times, recycled metals are also good for wall deco or garden fences. Artist is another group of individuals who treasured the values of recycled metals. From sculptures to craftworks, or even jewellery, artists explored the limits of recycled metal by turning them into creative pieces of beauty.

People throw their trust to recycled metal mainly because of the benefits it brings to the environment. It is believed that the use of recycled metal will help in the reduction of air pollution, water wastage, and sizes of landfills. Others also believed that, unlike raw metal, the lives of recycled metal are infinite; there is no limit to the number of times in which metal can be recycled, yet they remained strong and durable. Moreover, combustion involved in recycling of metal is low; hence it not only saves energy, but also helps in minimising the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

The life of metal does not die when they are no longer of use; rather, it is the beginning of another.