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Copper Recycling – The Dump for Metal Riches

When you come across a sign saying “Scrap Metal” you automatically think of an site where discarded and twisted metal that are hardly worth anything are dumped and forgotten about. It could not be farther from the truth. A scrap metal works is where untold riches are reborn and recreated by recycling into many types of metal products that eventually find their way back into the production chain.

A very valuable metal

At Scrap Metal Sydney, we not only collect scrap metals from around the Sydney area, we also  recycle the non-ferrous metal copper which is one of the most valuable metals that can be recycled back into the manufacturing chain. The recycling of copper and copper alloys started in the old world, continued through the Middle Ages when bronze cannons were melted down to make more useful items. During times of war, bells were used to make canons. Today, the use of copper has changed and we find it recycled and used for peaceful purposes.

Perfect for electricity

Because of its very high conductivity properties, we recycle copper for use in the manufacture of fine electricity wires and large electricity cables. We pay top dollar for collecting and recycling copper scrap material but we are compensated by the high value of the recycled copper we sell to manufactures.  Due to the high demand for top quality recycled copper, we strive to produce the best copper alloy for the production of electrical products, mainly electrical wires and cables.

Perfect high conductivity

Electricity is about the most important utility used by billions of people worldwide and without it we’d move back to the stone ages. Its importance is so critical for modern living that we at Scrap Metal Sydney our recycling and casting professionals work around the clock to produce very high quality electrical wires. The production of these wires is extremely involved and the final product must be perfect and free from any flaws.

High surface quality

At Scrap Metal Sydney, we know that the main feature of copper wires and cables is their very high conductivity that allows electrical currents to flow from the power source to an appliance. The conductivity must be continuous and consistent and therefore the wires and cables cannot have any surface flaws to interrupt the flow of electricity. This requires very high technical expertise in producing flawless copper wires and cables for electrical transmission

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