Copper Recycling – The Basics

Everyone is familiar with that reddish, brownish wire that usually pokes out of no longer used wires at home. Just like most metals, that piece of substance is also fully recyclable.

Copper recycling has been one of the most frequently done metal recycling, next to iron. The most often recycled material is aluminum. Just like aluminum, copper is 100% recyclable. This means that the quality of the material is not lost whether it is still in the form of copper scrap, in the process of being recycled or in the form of a newly recycled copper product.

As a result, only 20% of the copper products nowadays make use of virgin ore. The rest of the 80% are made through recycled copper scraps. This statistics is not only pretty impressive but also shows the increasing efficiency of the metal industry and the consumers to finally take copper recycling seriously.

Copper recycling has lots of advantages and is outright cost efficient in terms of energy and material resources. The process of recycling copper only makes use of about 10 to 15% the energy used to produce new copper products from virgin ore. This translates to 85 to 90% of energy savings! Copper recycling also saves the metal industry from having to push through with virgin ore mining which can pose great risks to the health and safety of laborers and nearby households. The resources will also swindle down with the increasing demand for more copper products.

One might not realize it but copper is used in various products at home. From appliances to cables, almost everything in your home makes use this non-ferrous metal. Copper can be found in machine turnings, chips, electrical cables, old radiators, plumbing tubes, air conditioners, heat pumps, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, dehumidifiers, stove ranges and cloth dryers.

Scrap Metal Sydney will be more than glad to help you in terms of recycling your copper products. It is helpful to note though that it will be much better for you to take out only the copper products if you are planning to sell them to us. This will give you an advantage at pricing. Most copper scrappers will charge you with the lowest value for the entire scrap if the copper scrap has not been singled out yet. It is then advisable for you to slowly build up your copper scrap stash and to contact Scrap Metal Sydney if a considerable amount of copper has already been collected.

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