Benefits of Recycling Copper

Do you know that recycling copper is cheaper than mining and extracting new copper? Instead of throwing away thousands of pounds of recyclable copper, your company can help the environment conserving resources and energy while earning some money back in return. By recycling, the cost of copper products remains low which is beneficial for consumers.

Turn your copper scraps into cash by contracting Scrap Metal Sydney for collection and copper recycling services. We offer competitive prices per kilogram of copper compared with our competitors. With our experience and efficiency, we will get the job done in a breeze and we will even pay on the spot. For more 100 kg of copper, we will pick up the scraps ourselves and pay you as soon as the total weight is confirmed.


With increasing concerns about limited metal resources, recycling copper is even more important in this day and age. It offers a world of benefits encompassing price, the environment, landfill costs and energy efficiency among others. The more copper companies recycle, the lower the prices for products with copper as raw material. Less energy is used in recycling than mining copper so the process conserves the world’s supply of fossil fuels.


Our goal is to offer residential, industrial and commercial clients in Sydney a more eco-friendly alternative to deal with metal scraps especially copper. Since landfills around the world are rapidly getting filled up, the cost of using one is costlier than ever. Avoid the high cost by working with us to pick-up copper waste, recycle the metal for your company and even pay you for it.


Copper recycling with Scrap Metal Sydney usually deals with two types of copper scraps which are old scraps and new scraps. Old scrap comes from the public such as old buildings, bathrooms which were renovated and unusable electrical cables among others. On one hand, new scrap is collected from factories which manufacture articles from copper, brass or bronze. Off cuts and shavings of the metal are deemed unusable thus collected for recycling.


Scrap Metal Sydney collects your metal scraps, examines the purity and prices it accordingly. Pure and new copper scrap is definitely more expensive than old scrap. The degree of purity is also depending on its specific location and right now, electrical grade is considered as the highest grade copper. Believed to be 99.99% pure, it offers the best electrical conductivity. While lower grades of copper are used to make copper allows or chemicals.


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